Baby Bay Review: The Journey Thus Far

It has been two months since Casey’s birth. Since bringing him home from the hospital, we have solely used our Baby Bay bassinet as a crib. There are many reasons why I chose to go with Baby Bay, which I outlined in this blog post before Casey was born. Every reason stood the test of time. I love this bedside sleeper and would not have chosen any other if I got the chance. Now that he’s a bit more grown up, I wanted to provide an update on our Baby Bay journey thus far.

Baby Bay’s Sizing

Despite being in the 90th% percentile of infants for height, Casey still hasn’t outgrown his bassinet at two months old. We chose to go with the standard size and it still fits! To be honest, I worried he would outgrow it before three months of age which is when we planned to transition him to a crib. Especially since his dad is 6’3″ tall. I am happy to report that it isn’t the case. If you worry your child will be a giant or if you plan to use the Baby Bay co-sleeper for more than three months, they have a Maxi option which is longer in length. And if you have a tall bed to match your tall stature, they also have a Tall crib.

Baby Bay’s Functionality

Rather than mounting our Baby Bay to the bed, we opted for caster wheels so that we can wheel him around the home from room to room. Our living space is on the same floor as the bedroom which has been wonderful for this product. I can understand why the caster wheels may have limited function in a two-story house if the bedrooms are separate from the living space. However, for those living in apartments, studios, bungalows, or in floorplans like ours, the caster wheels are a god-send. We’ve been able to host guests at the dinner table, take showers, or cook in the kitchen with baby always in sight. The versatility saved me in the beginning. During the newborn phase when he did a lot of sleeping, I could set him down without having to pick him up in order to move him from room to room.

Baby Bay’s Helpfulness

Most importantly, having Casey bedside at night is the absolute best! Even before I gave birth, I knew I did not want to set my baby down in a crib located in another room. There are many reasons to love any bedside sleeper. First, for safety. I can easily see if he is sleeping well in the middle of the night without having to get up or out of bed. Second, for comfort. My night-time feedings were made better with Baby Bay. I had a C-section and couldn’t move much without experiencing pain and discomfort the first few days. My husband had to help me sit up. With the Baby Bay right next to the bed, my husband would simply lift Casey out of the sleeper and put him in my arms to nurse.

Having the Baby Bay supported me during my hardest moments and darkest nights. I was able to recover AND take care of my baby at the same time.

Baby Bay’s Quality

The Baby Bay bassinet far exceeded my expectations. Aside from being functional, it is a quality product. The wood feels sturdy, which makes me comfortable putting my baby in it. It wheels around with ease. The locking mechanism of the caster wheels ensured that my child was exactly where he needed to be. The mattress is firm, but seems comfortable for Casey. We never had any issues with sleep. Although every baby is different, we took this to be a sign that the bassinet was good to lie in. I ordered two jersey sheets, which I alternated in between spit-up accidents. Two was more than enough to get us through. The sheets were soft and never caused any skin irritations for our baby.

I would 100% get this product again if I had a do-over. I highly recommend the Baby Bay bassinet to all moms. Right now, TheDebtist audience receives a discount by using the code SAMANTHA10 at checkout.

We were partially gifted our Baby Bay. All thoughts and opinions in this post are mine and written in all honesty. I will not receive a commission from any Baby Bay purchase you choose to make. I only wish to thank you for supporting the companies that support this space. All content is my own. Thank you for following along on our Baby Bay journey.

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