This page is a curated collection of products and services that have improved my life in one way or another. Most of these companies I have partnered with in the past or featured. I made this shop page so that you can quickly find companies that I have previously talked about or referred to throughout my posts, all in one place!

Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, but these are all products that I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used. I hope you enjoy them too. 

Holidays 2020 – Sales and Discount Codes

Artifact Uprising Photo Gifts

  • Artifact Uprising – Use code GIFTJOY20 to get 20% off orders of $100+ Ends December 31, 2020
  • Leesa – Save $500 off Mattresses
  • Molekule – Use code EARLY ACCESS for $200 off Molekule Air Pro, $150 off Molekule Air, $100 off Molekule Air Mini+, $80 off Molekule Air Mini
  • Paddywax – Use code WELCOME15 to receive 15% off your first order
  • Nisolo 25% OFF sitewide
  • In CaseUp to 70% OFF sitewide
  • Looma Home$25 off $150+, $50 off $250+, $100 off $300+ $200 off $500+


  • AirBNB – We travel A LOT. And while we can use points in order to book hotels for free, we have found that the points go further when they are used to purchase flights. So generally, we use AirBNB to book our stays. There are more perks to AirBNB than just monetary, which I’ve delved into here. Are you new to AirBNB? Get $40 in travel credit by signing up today!
  • Turo – Similar to AirBNB, we recently discovered Turo. It is a car rental program that allows you to rent a car from a local host, at the fraction of the cost when compared to a regular car rental company. Even with Mike’s work discounts for car rentals, Turo is still significantly cheaper. If you have never tried it but want to give it a shot, sign up here and get $25 off your first trip!
  • Southwest Rapid Reward Plus Credit Card – We have multiple credit cards open for our travel hacking strategies, but this one by far is our favorite. Namely, because it allows you to unlock a Companion Pass, which allows an extra passenger for every flight you book with Southwest, for FREE. Unless you open the credit card during a promotion, the only way to unlock Companion Pass is to hit 110k points with Southwest. If you do not travel a lot, opening up Southwest Credit Cards could be one way to do it. Sign up here and earn your first 40,000 points toward free flights! To learn more about the perks of a Companion Pass, check out this post.
  • Chase Rewards Cards – Chase Rewards is the next best bet, mostly because of the flexibility of their program and the amazing sign-up bonuses that you can receive. We currently have the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, which will reward you 50,000 FREE points, after you have met the minimum spend. We also have Chase Business Ink Preferred, which gave us 80,000 FREE points after the minimum spending was met. To learn more about Travel Hacking in general, visit my introductory post.


  • YNAB – YNAB stands for “You Need A Budget”. It is an online budgeting tool that we use to keep our finances in check. It is a wonderful tool that easily tracks all of your credit card spending in one location. The envelope system is used to budget for upcoming months, and there are useful graphs that summarize your previous spending.
  •  Mastering A Budget Course – This free course was written by yours truly in an effort to help set up a few foundational budgeting basics. It covers topics such as setting up a budget and saving for an emergency fund. Feel free to share with those near and dear.

Tackling Student Debt:

Self Care Products:

  •  Plaine Products – I absolutely love Plaine Products! It is a company dedicated to providing bath essentials without plastic waste. Aluminum bottles are used to house shampoos, conditioners, lotions and more, and the best part is that once the bottles are empty, they can be shipped back to them and they will clean them out and reuse them! They refill the bottles so that no waste is created. I personally use their shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion. Mike and I love the scents that they have available, and the promptness of the shipping. They make returns very easy too, by sending you a return label for your used bottles. The Debtist readers will receive a 10% discount if they enter “thedebtist10” at checkout.
  • Bogobrush – Mike and I switched to Bogobrush when we realized how much waste plastic toothbrushes created. Bogobrush uses recycled (and recyclable) plastic for their handles. The Debtist readers receive the first subscription FOR FREE as long as this link is used.
  • Cocofloss – A floss that bridges the gap and makes the act of flossing actually something to look forward to! This is the floss I recommend to most patients, especially to kids, teens, and those who have difficulty finding motivation. It works well and has great in-scent-ives, including Pure Strawberries, Cara Cara Orange, Delicious Mint, and Fresh Coconuts!
  • Lunette Cup – For all menstruating humans, I would gladly recommend switching to a Lunette cup for zero-waste monthly practices. These are so easy to use, comfortable, and convenient. It eliminates emergency visits to Target because Mother Nature decided to stop by for a quick visit. Since it is reusable, it saves you money for several years at a time. It also saves you stress and worry, since these work for up to twelve hours before needing attention, thus allowing you to go through your day-to-day routine, unimpeded.
  • Who Gives A Crap – Finally! Toilet paper without any plastic packaging! Toilet paper from recycled materials! Toilet paper that gives back to underserved communities! Who Gives A Crap cares about the environment, the people on it, and your bum! Receive $10 OFF your first order when you order using the link above.
  • Tushy Bidet – Want to try getting rid of toilet paper all together and go completely zero waste? Totally comfortable with going old school, and uncomfortable with the simple wipe? Minimalist in all aspects? Join the clean butt club with the Tushy bidet. Get 5% OFF all orders with the code 5OFFTUSHY today!


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