15 Early Morning Jobs To Jump-Start Your Day

By nature, I am not an early riser. But I became one after learning that the most successful people have a common trait: waking up before dawn. There are many things you can do in the early mornings. You can do something creative, learn something new, or be more productive. I personally take advantage of the extra hours with early morning jobs to earn extra money while other people sleep. There are many early morning jobs to jump-start the day that one can choose from. Not all of them require leaving home. This blog post covers 15 early morning jobs for different kinds of people and personalities. Find one that is right for you!

15 Early Morning Jobs to Jump-Start The Day

Early morning baker

Bakeries need early morning bakers to prepare pastries and bread in time for opening hour at pastry and coffee shops. This shift usually begins a little after midnight and run until the shops open at 7:00am. It is the perfect shift for someone who likes physical work that has some creativity to it. I wrote about my personal experience as an early morning baker here. I loved this job, and I got to take home freshly baked goods at the end of my shift, too!

Dog Walker / Rover

Dog walking is a great job for those who like to be active and outdoors, bright and early. It’s also perfect for those who like animals or take care of pets. Technically, this job doubles are getting exercise in. And if you wake up five minutes earlier, you can also get a cup of coffee in, too!

I dog sit while pet parents are on holiday, which means part of the job is walking the dogs bright and early. Rover is a great app that connects dog walkers with dog sitters for FREE. The app charges a 20% fee for each booking, but you get to set your rates. If you want to see if taking care of dogs is the right thing for you, check out this post on how to make money dog-sitting with Rover.

I have also written a guide on how to start your own pet-sitting business! While it takes a few extra steps, I have found that creating a pet sitting business earns way more than going through the Rover app. We make $1-2k per month with our pet sitting business RMV Tail and Paws. You can learn how to create your own with my free guide!


Blogging is a great early morning job for those who want a slower start to their day. Earning extra money while staying in pajamas sounds extra nice, doesn’t it? It is also a great option for the more creative person who does not mind being independent. You have full control of what, how, and when to write.

Blogging, however, is more than just writing. Creative content such as images need to be made. Statistics needs to be analyzed. And strategies need to be implemented in order to make money off of a blog. I started with learning about affiliate marketing. I highly recommend this affiliate marketing course if you wish to make money with the blog. (Yes, this is an affiliate link!)

You can also check out my extra income reports. In it, I outline how much I earn each month and where I earn the money from. So far, I have made over $5,900 by blogging from home.


Freelancing is essentially connecting to different employers and making extra money on the side doing different things. Writing for other blogs is a form of freelancing and can be an option for those who don’t want to deal with the business side of blogging.

Other freelancing fields include:

  • Accounting and Financing
  • Administrative
  • Customer Service
  • Computer and IT
  • Translations
  • Editing
  • HR & Recruiting
  • Education & Training

From this list, you can see that freelancing can supplement many professions. It spans many fields, and there are definitely options for everyone.

Online Survey Taker

This is yet another early morning job that you can do in your pajamas. It is also a great job for busy people in general. It’s very difficult to get an extra job when one is balancing school and work, or parenthood and work. Online surveys have the flexibility to be done anywhere, at the times that work best.

I am blown away by the bloggers who make good money taking surveys online. If you don’t mind the tedious work, you could earn up a few dollars per survey! The best way to do this is to sign up for as any survey companies as possible. While I have not tried it before, I do think it would be an easy, low-stress way to make extra cash.

Personal Assistant

Most people are over-stretched and over-whelmed these days. A personal assistant is a fulfilling job that can help alleviate someone from their work. Similar to free-lancing, being a personal assistant is a broad job position. In the early mornings, you can check emails for someone. You can organize their daily calendar. Or you can run errands before the day starts.

Fitness Instructor

Working out before work is very popular these days. Why not work out AND earn money? Being a fitness instructor would be a great option for those who want flexibility. My best friend used to teach yoga classes before and after going to her classes at the University. You can either work at a gym, studio, or at home. Some personal trainers like to help their clients at their home, especially if they own the equipment. Either way, this is a great job for those who like physical activity or working out.

Rideshare Driver

Rideshare drivers are needed to bring people on their commutes to work, school, or the airport. Early morning flights usually start at 6:00am sharp. If you are an early riser, this would be a great way to increase your savings. Just make yourself a cup of coffee before heading out the door!


Having a cleaning company is surprisingly lucrative business. Many offices and schools look for cleaners to come in the early morning so that the space is clean when doors open. We have cleaners clean our dental office once a week. If you don’t mind the physical work, this could be a great job! It is mostly solitary work, perfect for listening to music or a podcast!


Working at a coffee shop is a great way to start the day. Serve other people their coffees while they start their day. If you have a later start to your day job or school, why not get a quick shift in? A four hour shift could end as early as 10am. Plus, you may get perks at your coffee shop! Free coffee, anyone?

International Tutor

After-school hours in Europe equate to early morning hours in California. If you are good at teaching a certain topic, why not do some international tutoring. Many kids across the globe want to learn English as a second language. You can also tutor math or science. This is a perfect side-hustle for teachers looking to make extra cash. When I was a college student myself, I tutored high-school kids as one of my three college jobs!

Visual Designs Specialist for Retail Stores

A previous job I had entailed doing visual design for a retail store. My shifts started at 6 am, since I needed to finish the store displays before the mall opened at 10 am. I took new, incoming merchandise and displayed them according to the retail store’s guidebook. I also styled mannequins and hung displays on the walls. Posters and signage regarding current styles and sales needed to go up as well. The work was perfect for me, since I liked to be creative and work solitarily as well.


Working as a stockist means you are unpacking deliveries at stores and placing them on the shelves. Stockists do a lot of behind-the-scenes work where we do our shopping. I worked at the same time as stockists in my previously mentioned retail job. Early morning truck deliveries mean stocking starts around 4:00am. The gals in the back of the store unboxed and unwrapped new clothing styles, and then placed them on racks for me to display on the sales floor.


If you like to work outdoors and with your hands, farming might be a great option for you. Many farmers like to start their days bright and early, as there are plenty of things to do. I volunteer my time at a local farm and work before my day job begins. Of course, you can work at a farm and get paid. Usually, shifts start as the sun rises, which would be around 6 am.


This might sound silly, but there are plenty of people out there who need help maintaining their front lawns, backyards, and gardens. You can easily post a Craigslist ad or Facebook ad to get a maintenance gig. Most people who work on maintaining outdoor spaces work in the early mornings, because it gets too hot. Since this job allows you to choose your own hours, why not set it up so that you mow a lawn or trim a few hedges before your work day?

There you have it. A list of my best 15 early morning job ideas that can boost your savings in no time. You can start any of these jobs NOW, without any additional degrees or training. All you have to do is be willing to wake up a little bit earlier than everyone else. If you want to read about my own personal experience with early morning jobs, here are 3 Early Morning Jobs I’ve Done to Earn Extra Money.

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