30 Activities to Get Out of a Rut

I would be the first to admit that sometimes, I fall into a rut. It could be hitting a creative wall or experiencing burnout from work and personal life. Either way, I find that the best way to get out of a rut is to do something else. I have a list of activities that I pull from to get me out of my funk. Something as simple as stepping away from the page, going outside for fresh air, or looking out a window can do the trick. Other times, it requires a bit more energy. Swimming laps, going for a hike, or chatting with a friend are other great ideas.

A rut, by the way, is different from the blues. I wrote about how to shake the January blues earlier this year. I liken the blues to sadness and ruts to feelings of lackluster. Sadness can be combated with activities that add vitality, whereas ruts are best fought with inspirational moments. Sometimes these activities align, but not always. Here are my favorite activities to get out of a rut.

30 activities to get out of a rut

  1. Go on a walk/hike/run/swim/bike ride.
  2. Bask in the sunlight.
  3. Be outdoors.
  4. Look for nature.
  5. Breathe fresh air.
  6. Listen to music.
  7. Read a book.
  8. Watch a movie.
  9. Color or do art.
  10. Fly a kite.
  11. Throw a ball.
  12. Chat with a friend.
  13. Tidy the home.
  14. Plan something exciting.
  15. Doodle.
  16. Make lists.
  17. Do any sort of physical activity.
  18. Play pretend.
  19. Mediate.
  20. Hang upside down.
  21. Drink a cup of coffee.
  22. Drink more water.
  23. Garden or Farm.
  24. Cuddle with a pet.
  25. Cook or bake something.
  26. Try crafts.
  27. Go bird watching.
  28. Sleep.
  29. Go on a retreat.
  30. Learn something new.

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Dear College Kid: Stay Frugal As Long As Possible

Dear College Kid is a series I write to my younger self. I would send them too, if I could somehow teleport myself via time machine to my late teens and early twenties. I hope other college kids find these letters, and garner some foresight that I myself had lacked. It’s not finance advice by any means, but rather, personal anecdote. Still. I hope it changes lives.

I remember what it was like to live as a college student. Those who paid their way without a free ride to college would agree: the finance part of it was brutal. Rationing out food, opting to buy the cheapest groceries, and looking for ways to save on rent was part of my college experience. It’s like living paycheck-to-paycheck. You may not realize it now, but much of college is about learning to flex your frugal muscles. While that may sound horrific, I think there is a benefit to learning this skill. In fact, I would even go so far as to say, stay frugal as long as possible, even after graduation.

There are many ways in which my lifestyle today looks similar to my college days. Erase drinking cheap booze, the bad habits of staying up at night and eating cheap food and the books. But, the way I spend my days and money now are quite similar to how I did then. Although some people will think that’s sad, I don’t agree. Why? Because I’m in it for the long-haul. And like most long-term endeavors, it pays to bootstrap at the beginning. Spend less, pay back debts, invest more, and talent stack while building your empire.

Since you’ve had excellent practice living with less in college, why not take those soft skills and use them to build wealth? The biggest mistake college grads do is succumb to lifestyle creep. It’s a very real thing. I wrote before the real reason doctors can’t pay back their student debt: because they won’t.

Here are my top frugal life hacks:

By the way, the ULTIMATE LIST of things I have given up in the name of frugality can be found here.

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I Made Over $1K Last Month Taking Care of Pets

Dog sitting is one of my favorite side hustles. There are many positive aspects to dog sitting that make it a great side gig. (I share my favorite pros, as well as cons, in this post below.) The best thing about dog sitting is that I get to hang out with cool canines and make decent additional income for it. Essentially, I get paid to do something I already love to do! In May of 2022, I made over $1k taking care of pets. I foresee the same revenue in June, which is already mostly booked. In this post, I share why I chose dog-sitting as a side-hustle and the pros and cons of dog-sitting. I also included a simple start-up guide at the end of this post which will walk you through how I created a profitable side-hustle from my love of animals with zero capital and zero experience.

Why I Chose Dog Sitting As a Side Hustle

Taking care of people and things has always been my strong suit, and pets are no different! I have always loved animals. In particular, I love how affectionate and loyal dogs are. Plus, I like to get to know their personalities. My parents currently have a 14-year old female yellow Labrador. As the child who always lived close by, the responsibility for taking care of her when my parents went on vacation usually fell on me. She was my inspiration for creating a business out of dog-sitting.

My First Dog Sitting Experience

It was the summer after graduating from dental school when I got my first booking. I had a three month gap between passing the national boards and getting my state license to practice dentistry, and I was hurting for money. I had moved back home for a month and was watching my parent’s dog while they went away for a week long vacation. One of my friends saw on Instagram that I was taking care of a dog and asked about his own. I offered to watch his dog for a week while he was away.

The dog’s name was Bixby. Bixby is an adopted dog who is cautious and defensive around humans. His owner was nervous to leave him alone for the first time, but he did really well with me and my dog. In fact, he was very loyal and loved to sit by my feet. Whenever I moved to a different chair, he would follow. I enjoyed watching him roll his back in the grass, although I always had to stop him from eating it.

I thought to myself, I could get used to walking dogs and watching over them while their families are away, especially dogs with special needs or who have difficulty socializing. There are many dogs who would not do well in a day care facility because of trauma or anxiety. There are also many dog owners who do not want to kennel their dogs for weeks at a time. I could provide love, attention and care, adopting these dogs as my own while their parents were away.

However, I did not start my dog sitting journey then. After a month, Mike and I moved in together, renting a live/work loft. We did not want to bother the landlord for permission to have pets. We did not buy our own place until two and a half years later. My dog sitting business began three years after I watched Bixby. A year into dog sitting, the world shut down. I didn’t take care of dogs for a year-and-a-half.

Flash forward to today. I rebuilt my dog sitting business, RMV Tail & Paws, after moving to a new neighborhood (our second home) six months ago. Last month, I made over $1k taking care of canines within our community. I care for each one as if they were mine and Mikey’s. Plus, I got to meet a lot of great, kind families along the way. It was an awesome way for me to integrate into our new neighborhood!

Side note: I believe in turning hobbies and passions into income-producing side hustles. I think that we all have certain talents and strengths that we can share with the world, and those talents and strengths show up in our hobbies and passions. Side-hustles built around things I love make it feel like I am not working at all, but also, end up being the most successful businesses. I have done many side-hustles, mostly in the early mornings when I am most creative and have the most energy. Check out these early morning side hustle ideas for inspiration!

Pros of Dog Sitting

There are many positive aspects to dog sitting. Here are a few of the reasons why I enjoy taking care of dogs!

  • I get the benefits of a dog’s company, love and affection. Mike and I view each pet as one of our own. We end up forming really great bonds with the dogs we watch, who in return gives us a sense of purpose and meaning in life. So many of our pets rush to the front door and get excited when they know they will stay with us. I really love that.
  • We get to meet our neighbors and make friends with people in our community. The pawrents of these pups have been really nice. They care about their dogs a lot, and we build relationships with them. It really helped us settle down in our new space.
  • I get to spend more time with my husband. Mike and I enjoy creating ‘vacation plans’ for the pets. It forces us to have a ‘stay-cation’ too. We try to plan a fun event every few days for the dog. Whether that’s a hike, a beach trip, or a dog park play date – it ends up being a great time for Mike and I to connect with the dog and each other. There are no phones on these outdoor activities and long walks.
  • The dogs get me outside. I have to walk them a few times a day, which is beneficial for me. I get some sun, listen to the birds, breathe fresh air, observe plants and wild life… pretty much absorb all the good things nature has to offer.
  • Dog sitting gets me up very early. It is one of the many early morning jobs I have taken up. I feed the cat and the dog at the same time at 5:30am. Then as the cat finishes up his food, I take the dog out on a walk. I love having a productive morning and this ensures that before I even make a cup of coffee, I do something that gives to others and to myself too. Walking is rejuvenating for the soul and one of my favorite things to do when I walk or meditate and observe my surroundings. I used to listen to podcasts when I walk dogs because it made me productive, but I have found productivity in the walk itself, too. This part of dog sitting had really improved my mental health.
  • I set my own schedule. I book my dog sitting days and dog walking days when I can, but not every time I am asked. I can always say no to a booking for whatever reason. It could be because I am too busy with my other jobs, I want some relaxation time for myself, or even because I don’t think the dog is a good fit with my lifestyle, home, family, or cat.
  • I set my own prices. I am able to call the shots when it comes to fees. I do charge extra for dogs who have special needs, or for additional services. I also charge extra for holidays and for inconveniences.
  • I get to go through my regular day without too much extra work. The thing with dog-sitting is that, aside from feeding them and walking them, it’s pretty much a regular day for us. I can work on my blog or bake in the kitchen. I can also do billing and accounting for the bakery, or enjoy a good book. Dog-sitting isn’t active work all the time.

Cons of Dog Sitting

As with anything, there are a few things to note about dog sitting. For example, I have to be more flexible with dogs around. Here are a few cons.

  • I have to be okay with messes in the house. I am a pretty neat and tidy person, and for the most part, most dogs have been okay. If a dog is especially messy or tends to break things, I offer to watch them at their house instead. Or I offer drop-in visits where I simple check-in on them, walk them, and feed them in their home.
  • Sometimes, there are accidents. Dogs can pee when they get excited or scared. Which means we have to roll up our Nordic rugs every time we have a dog over – just in case. It’s not too much of a hassle, but it is an inconvenience.
  • After every doggy stay, I have to clean the home. Kind of like AirBNB visitors, doggy visitors can leave a bit of a mess. The cleaning time if part of the job.
  • We have to be home more often. We don’t like to leave the dogs at home alone especially because their parents are already away. I am sure they miss them dearly, so we try to spend every moment with the dogs. With Mr. Debtist working from home, there is always someone here during the weekday. On weekends, we limit the errands we have to do.
  • We can’t schedule impromptu date nights or socializing events. This works out okay with me since I am a heavy planner. Planning ahead is actually how I am able to juggle all my side-hustles! (If planning is habit you want to take up, check out my top 5 favorite planners for productivity). However, there have been occasions where we were invited to something last minute and were not able to attend. One has to be okay with missing opportunities like that.

How I Built A Dog Sitting Business

I built a dog sitting business for FREE and built up my clientele on my own. It was quick, easy, and simple. Dog sitting was something I was able to get off the ground right away. I made profit with the first booking, and built up from there. I created this guide to walk people through how I built my dog sitting business from scratch with zero capital and zero experience. If you want to start making additional income taking care of pets, this download will definitely be useful for you. It contains tips and tricks I wish I had when I started on my journey! Within six months, I was successful and earning over $1k per month. I believe you can, too.

The Secret to Success

I think what made my dog sitting business successful is my dedication to the pets, as well as my excitement whenever I meet someone new. I care deeply about each one. Being genuinely passionate about your work show others that they can entrust you with their pets, which are like family members. As with all types of work, love what you do and it won’t feel like a means to earn money. It will legitimately make you feel happy and accomplished. Convince people of your own happiness and you will be successful at what you do.

Dear College Kid: Experience Trumps Degrees

Dear College Kid is a series I write to my younger self. I would send them too, if I could somehow teleport myself via time machine to my late teens and early twenties. I hope other college kids find these letters, and garner some foresight that I myself had lacked. It’s not finance advice by any means, but rather, personal anecdote. Still. I hope it changes lives.

Dear College Kid,

Let me be the first to tell you that experience will always, always trump degrees. You can pay a lot of money to go to school (I paid over $575,000 for example!) or have formal training by lieu of classes, but at the end of the day, a newly graduated kid with a license will not add as much value to a company as the one who volunteered in the field and has solved its problems.

I liken it to applying for university. GPAs now mean diddly squat. The California UC system has written off the SATs. Whatever grades or awards you got in high school isn’t as important as what you’ve done. Extra curricular activities, previous projects, volunteer opportunities … in other words, how much of the world have you seen and contributed to? This is what’s important.

To be honest with you, we are entering a time period where the college degree becomes less relevant. I would love to live to see that one day. But even now, I see kids who have solved problems in a field or gained hands-on experience through shadowing or volunteering trump new grads. That is especially true in software, computer programming, digital marketing, finance and art. (Unfortunately, the healthcare field still requires official stamps on paper.)

Let me tell you that most jobs I did never required a degree. I didn’t get a degree on writing, coding, digital marketing or website production to create this blog. Everything was learned as I went along. I never got a culinary degree to open my own bakery. But my experience making bread surely helped. It required no paperwork to create a pet sitting business. Not once did I work at a vet’s office, groomer’s or pet store. I do not have an accounting degree, a finance major, or past sales experience. Yet I am a wholesale director for a bakery who runs the billing, the accounting, and manages wholesale clients.

For six years, I never even had my diploma. I did not realize I lost it, because no one ever asked for it. Even though I have started five new jobs since then. Just recently, my dental office asked if they could hang a copy of it up. I searched frantically to no avail. My mom finally found it jammed between some canvases of art in my parent’s garage.

That’s a metaphor for what my degree is: A work of art, that no one cares to look at.

Instead, be a muse. Have a story to tell, filled with experiences and lessons learned. THAT is worth something!

However, you may already be in college trying to earn that paper. That’s fine. But here are a few ways to talent stack:

5 Ways To Gain More Experience

  1. Learn a new skill.
  2. Volunteer in your field.
  3. Shadow a professional.
  4. Explore YouTube or blogs.
  5. Work on self-improvement.

All the best, ’til next week!

Dear College Kid: What Are Your Summer Plans?

Dear College Kid is a series I write to my younger self. I would send them too, if I could somehow teleport myself via time machine to my late teens and early twenties. I hope other college kids find these letters, and garner some foresight that I myself had lacked. It’s not finance advice by any means, but rather, personal anecdote. Still. I hope it changes lives.

Dear College Kid,

What are your summer plans? Do you have a trip somewhere far away? Will you be on the road, or by the beach? Or will you be looking for a job, having graduated this year? Whatever it is, I hope you find time in between your play to plan for the future and get ahead. Not to be a kill joy, but someone’s got to remind you that now is not the time to be lazy. You can enjoy your break, but balance it with making some moves. It’s equally fun!

I write about becoming 1% Better all the time. I write them for you. Here are a few self-improvement ideas that you can implement this summer. It doesn’t have to be all of them, but I promise you will feel more fulfilled and refreshed if you partner relaxation with productivity. They feed on each other very well.

Productive Ideas for your Summer Break

  1. Declutter your things (and then the rest of your life) in order to gain clarity on who you want to become.
  2. List 10 habits that would make YOU better each day. Then create a goal to do all ten every day. These are mine. Habits will make your life easier in the future.
  3. Learn how to optimize scheduling your day to be more productive.
  4. Identify the ONE thing you want to achieve this summer.
  5. Hone your skills or learn something new in Skillshare.
  6. Create your budgeting tool so you can learn to manage your spending at a young age.
  7. Learn how I Bonds can help pay for college.
  8. Clean your apartment, so you have more thinking space. Develop the habit of keeping it clean 24/7 (which may sound crazy!) so that you don’t have to clean as much in the future.
  9. Start preparing for financial success post grad.
  10. Get student loan advice. The earlier you start, the sooner you’ll be financially free to live your dream life. I highly recommend Travis Hornsby and his team at Student Loan Planner. Andrew Paulson, from White Coat Investor, is another option. 

As I said earlier, balance is key. Have some fun this summer too. Do not waste it away on social media, watching television, or perusing YouTube. Such things would only take up space and fill your head. Summer is time for a real reset. Check out these 50 analog activities that resist the attention economy to ensure you get the relaxation you need.

And don’t forget to check in every Monday for a new letter to my past college kid self.

The Best 2022 Birthday Freebies

Back in 2020, I wrote a post about celebrating our quarantine birthdays by collecting as many birthday freebies as possible. It started off as a request for Mike’s birthday. Since then, it’s definitely become a thing. I made fun of him for it at the time, but I secretly enjoy it. My birthday is in June. Which means, I recently signed up for as many freebies as I want. It took me about fifteen minutes, because I did a majority of the work last year. (Every club membership keeps giving back year after year). You kind of just build onto your repertoire of freebies, y’know?

Birthday freebies are a major giggle. Imagine zooming around town on your birthday month, just picking and choosing from a list of desserts, drinks, and food. I definitely recommend trying it – especially for the little ones!

There are hundreds of birthday freebies to be had out there, including local hidden gems. I only sign up for the ones I want to pick up. I don’t always get around to all of them, but at least the option is there. Had a bad day at work? Grab a freebie! Have a busy week? Pick up a freebie for dinner. Running late and couldn’t pack a lunch… you get the gist. Birthday freebies are a great pick-me-up and add a little extra support to make your birthday month more enjoyable. Here are a list of my favorites across the U.S.

The Best 2022 Birthday Freebies

  1. Denny’s – Free Grand Slam on the birthday month
  2. Chili’s – Free dessert for the birthday week plus free chips and salsa anytime you dine in
  3. Red Robin – Free birthday burger
  4. Sprinkles – Free cupcake, redeemable until the month after your birthday
  5. Auntie Annie’s – Free pretzel, redeemable until two months after your birthday
  6. Wetzel’s Pretzel’s – Free pretzel for downloading the app, and another free pretzel on your birthday
  7. Baja Fresh – Free Burrito (with purchase of beverage) , valid until the month after your birthday
  8. The Habit – Free Charburger, valid for two weeks
  9. Jersey Mike’s – Free Sub and 22 oz. drink
  10. Baskin Robbins – Free ice cream scoop or soft-serve, plus $3 off an ice-cream cake
  11. Ben N Jerry – Free ice cream scoop, plus $3 off an ice-cream cake
  12. Buffalo Wild Wings – Free birthday wings valid until end of the month
  13. BJs – Free Pizookie for signing up for rewards and also for your birthday
  14. Breugger’s Bagels – Free bagel with cream cheese for signing up and also on your birthday
  15. Einstein Bagels – Free bagel egg sandwich with purchase on your birthday – usable for 14 days
  16. Nothing Bundt Cakes – Free Bundtlet valid for one week
  17. Buca Di Beppo – Free pasta after signing up and a $20 birthday gift voucher
  18. Chipotle – Free chips and guacamole with $5 purchase
  19. Cinnabon – Free Iced Coffee on your birthday and free BonBites for signing up (must download app)
  20. Chick Fil A – Free ‘birthday surprise’ when you download the app
  21. Cold Stone Creamery – BOGO coupon for your birthday and for signing-up.
  22. A & W – Free root beer float for your birthday
  23. Acapulco – Free entree on your birthday and free appetizer for signing up with entree purchase.
  24. Del Taco – Free regular size premium shake
  25. Dunkin Donuts – free beverage on your birthday
  26. Edible Arrangements – Free 12-count chocolate dipped fruit box during birthday month as long as you’ve spent $29 in the past calendar year as a member
  27. Godiva – free birthday chocolate
  28. Hooters – 10 free boneless birthday wings
  29. Ihop – Free shortstack pancakes on your birthday
  30. Krispy Kreme – Free doughnut
  31. Marie Calendar’s – ‘exclusive offer’ for your birthday and wedding anniversary – slice of pie and $5 off your check
  32. Olive Garden – complimentary dessert on your birthday – no sign-up needed
  33. On the Border – “special surprise” on your birthday plus free dessert with purchase of an entree
  34. Pinkberry – Free yogurt if you download the app
  35. Starbucks – Free beverage or food item as a member of Starbucks Rewards
  36. PF Changs – Free dessert or appetizer on your birthday month
  37. Applebees – Free dessert on your birthday when you dine-in, plus if you sign up for their EClub, you receive a coupon for a free entree
  38. Benihana – Free $30 gift certificate redeemable any time during your birthday month
  39. Corner Bakery Cafe – free baked good
  40. El Pollo Loco – Free 2 piece chicken meal or a free chicken tostada salad
  41. Yogurtland – free 3 oz yogurt if you sign up for their rewards
  42. El Torito Grill – Free entree for your birthday plus a free appetizer when you sign-up for their EClub
  43. Jamba Juice – Free smoothie
  44. Johnny Rockets – Free hamburger when you purchase an entree and a drink
  45. Panera Bread – Free pastry

I randomized it so that they aren’t presented in any particular order. To be honest, we usually pick places that are closest to us to save on gas money. I would not recommend driving far just to get a $5 freebie, especially considering the gas prices. You can make it more efficient by going on one endeavor and mapping out the best route to take in order to hit the most number of stops. I prefer to spread them out throughout the month. The best part is that Mike and I are two weeks apart, but our birthdays are in different months. So for some rewards, we overlap and we both get free food. For others, we do a back-to-back trip and split the treat.

I hope you nab freebies for your special day!

Mediterranean Wraps

These easy-to-make Mediterranean wraps are perfect for Spring! My favorite way to fix up lunch is to make-do with what we already have in the kitchen and pantry. It’s a great way for me to avoid food waste, and makes prep-time quicker. In general, I like to cook simply. My husband is the intricate chef. I am the basic farmer. I just recently posted these wraps on my Instagram stories, and I received a lot of positive feedback and recipe requests. So I thought I’d share this Mediterranean wrap recipe.

To be honest, there is no official tried and true recipe because wraps really depend on what I’ve got from the week before. It’s such a laissez-faire conglomeration of food items that I debated whether writing this post was useful at all. Despite being a hodge-podge of random items, the ‘recipe’ ended up tasting good so I decided it’s worth noting here.

It just so happens that we had left-over quinoa from when we ate salmon. I also had left-over spring greens from when we made a salad. Mikey whipped up his hummus from scratch for the ‘sauce’. Any store-bought hummus or online basic hummus recipe will do. And we chopped up some cucumber and tomatoes. I topped the stack with sauerkraut and feta cheese … for good measure.

Mediterranean Wraps


  • Your favorite hummus
  • Cooked quinoa, drizzled with olive oil and lemon (or a Greek vinaigrette)
  • Spring mix of greens
  • Chopped cucumber
  • Chopped tomatoes
  • Pickled red onion
  • Sauerkraut
  • Feta Cheese
  • Flour tortillas (burrito size)

The Process:

All you have to do is layer on the ingredients in the order they are listed above. I like to cover the majority of the tortilla with hummus, leaving only an-inch of hummus-free border around the perimeter. I do quinoa : spring mix : cucumber : tomato: red onion : sauerkraut in a 2 : 2 : 1 : 1 : 1 : 1 ratio. Feta cheese is quite liberal, although Mike prefers to skip that. Then roll it all up in as neat of a burrito as you can, and cut in half.

Whether this classifies as Mediterranean wraps is still up in the air. All I know is that it’s good and healthy. You can always prepare these ahead of time, for the perfect grab-and-go lunch or treat.

The plate is the Side Plate in Morel from East Fork Pottery. I absolutely adore this brand and we use their dishes every day. They are sturdy, dependable, and oh-so-humbly cute. This is my affiliate link. As always, thanks for supporting the brand.

If you really liked this content, sign up for more recipes. Subscribers will be notified when a new recipe hits the site. I cook sustainable, healthy and simple meals, so if that’s you’re vibe, definitely join our community!

Dear College Kid: Choose the Cheapest School

Dear College Kid is a series I write to my younger self. I would send them too, if I could somehow teleport myself via time machine to my late teens and early twenties. I hope other college kids find these letters, and garner some foresight that I myself had lacked. It’s not finance advice by any means, but rather, personal anecdote. Still. I hope it changes lives.

Dear College Kid,

Specifically the college undergrad hoping to enter grad school. (I am also addressing my past self.) I beg you, choose the grad school that costs the least amount of money. It doesn’t matter how well known they are, it doesn’t matter if your parents or friends went there, it doesn’t even matter if you like it. It matters most that it’s the cheapest.

At the end of your grad school career, you will walk away, diploma in hand regardless. You may also walk away with a large student debt. If you choose the cheapest school you can possibly go to, you will have an advantage over your peers. You will be starting your life at a better starting point.

I would love to teach all college students to choose grad schools based on price. If more kids opted for cheaper schools, perhaps elite schools wouldn’t charge so much. A decrease in their applications will certainly give them pause. What if no one applied to the most expensive schools in the country? Trust me, those private institutions will start to wonder why. Let’s not feed them our young.

Starting a career with less debt is equally as good as starting a marriage with less debt. You want the foundation of your life to be on solid ground. If you begin life in the red, then you will encounter more struggles than the people around you. There will be more restrictions with what you can do.

This isn’t to say you can’t live a flashy and glamorous life. You certainly can, but you are restricted to a loan forgiveness program. Or you have to work more hours. Or you may be tied to a job that you hate in order to pay the bills.

But if you start your life with less debt, you will have more freedom to choose how that debt is repaid. You can be ahead of the curve and have a higher savings rate. With more savings, you will reach your financial goals quicker. You can work less hours, leaving time to learn about investments instead. Or you can focus on building careers around your passions rather than your degree.

There are so many benefits to having less student debt. I really implore you to consider the following:

Choose the college that will cost you the least amount of money, because that may also be the path of least resistance to financial success for new grads.

At least, that’s what I would tell my past self. I hope she listens.

If you’d like to speak to a professional, I have a recommendation! Speak to Travis Hornsby and his team at Student Loan Planner. They are knowledgeable and give great advice.