Hi everyone!

I am a debtist – a dentist who graduated with a lot of student debt. I have had an interesting history with money, and when I graduated from dental school, I ended up with a debt of over $550k. This led me to a series of life changes and discoveries about myself in my late twenties that shaped my lifestyle into what it is today. I live with my husband in Orange County, although our goal is to be everywhere else in the world. We focus more on experiences rather than material things. Being frugal when it comes to purchasing consumer goods, we spend most of our money and time acquiring new skills, picking up new hobbies, learning about new cultures, and exploring the globe. I believe in the simple life, one where character is more important than your achievements, and where relationships are more important than your materialistic belongings. I believe that time is the greatest gift of all, and kindness is the only way to make this world a place worth living.  I’ve become more intentional with my life decisions, and am currently working towards buying my freedom from my massive loan, but not at the expense of giving up my life in exchange for grueling work hours. Open to questioning society’s standards of success, I am finding ways to reach my life goals by refusing some things that we take for granted as the norm. Balance is key, and this is my journey towards financial freedom, in the process of discovering what life is really about.