2 thoughts on “How to Gain Enough Financial Independence To Quit Your Job

  1. Just a note: using terms like “people who use substances” and “unhoused neighbors” or “people experiencing homelessness” works to reduce the negative stereotypes and stigma certain language puts on people who are suffering rather than making assumptions and continuing the negative perceptions of certain groups of people.

    1. Hi Michelle! Thank you for that comment. I have now removed that portion of the post so as not to offend certain groups of people. My own mother in law suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and was homeless for many months in the same area where we chose to buy a home. We are unoffended by statements such as those because we have experienced it and we don’t say it in a negative way, but in an honest, truthful way. In the medical field, we do classify drug addicts as just that, and we consider these to be fact because addiction means there is a negative impact on their life. People who use substances are not the same as drug addicts. The people I speak of are not people who use substances. I can see, however, how honesty can hurt people. So I decided to remove the statement altogether even though the intention was not meant to be harmful. I hope this makes some difference. You have brought to my attention how words could hurt others and I am very grateful!

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