What to Look Forward to In This Course

Please fill out this worksheet before you begin the course. This will help you determine why exactly you want to take the course so that you can stay motivated and focused. When you are finished with the whole course, you can also place all of the worksheets neatly together for easy reference.

This course was created to help others master their budget. I spent my early twenties working hard but getting nowhere, and that was because I did not know how to spend my money in a disciplined manner. Since I was not very good at budgeting, I was also not very good at saving.

When I graduated from dental school with $575,000 in student debt, I knew that I had to turn my life around. I did not want to wait 25 years for my loans to be forgiven. I did not want to wait until I was 50 years old to be free. So the first thing I did was hire a financial planner. I was fortunate enough to hire a financial planner who taught me the ways of budgeting. It took me about 6 months to learn it all, but with this course, I can see my students learning it at a much quicker pace!

In this course you will …

·      Identify your Why in budgeting – the driving force behind what you do.

·      Deconstruct negative thinking around the word “Budgeting”

·      Learn to set up a budgeting tool that works

·      Set up a budgeting tool to ensure that your hard-earned dollars work for you

·      Understand how to appropriately categorize and track your spending

·      Hone in on your household’s TRUE budget to get reproducible results month after month

·      Use the envelope system to prevent you from spending more than you earn

·      Learn why credit cards offer an easy way to track your spending

·      Find ways you can simplify your budgeting regimen with YNAB

·      Get frugality tips on where you can cut your budget

·      Learn how to succeed in budgeting for the rest of your life

There are also additional tips, tricks, and life hacks that I have included throughout the course. You will find a few worksheets to help you organize your thoughts. Also, there are a number of references and continued education at the very end of the course.

I want this course to catapult you forward, but it is by no means the end-all. Once you have the resources to master a budget, the rest of your life begins.