How I Want to Spend My First Mother’s Day

It’s been a full week being a new mum. I’m still getting the hang of it, groggily looking to my equally tired husband for validation that we are sort-of doing something right. To be honest with you, how I want to spend my first Mother’s Day is quite homely. I have no desire for a crowded brunch with the grandparents, or gathering for a family get-together. Definitely not hoping to socialize or travel somewhere. I know this will change as my role evolves in the next year. But for now, it’s all about recovery.

It’s also about spending as much time with my main man and his handsome pops. I keep reminding myself, “out there is not where you need to be right now.” He will never be this small again. My husband gently reminds me to slow it down. Enjoy this time as it is. So I want to take heed this Mother’s Day. Be mindful and intentional. Here area few ways I want to spend mother’s day.

How I Want to Spend My First Mother’s Day

+ I want to sleep in.

+ I want a hand massage. If I am faring better, maybe a manicure, too.

+ I want decent pastries or delicious doughnuts, served in bed with a good latte.

+ If I can stomach it, maybe some sunlight and fresh air.

+ A good book in my lap.

+ A vase of farm flowers.

+ Newborn, husband, and cat snuggles.

I look forward to what I think this will look like in a year. More rest in tow, I would hope. Perhaps a brunch date with a sister or a spa day with my mum. I envision a beach day with my family, or a hike in the hills. Imagine a wine tour in Temecula, or cocktail hour in Spring. I’m sure it’ll look very different, but now is not the time. Right now, I am happy just being here.

Photo by Uliana Kopanytsia on Unsplash

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