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The winter light is coming back around to the living room side of the house. This is the beginning of my favorite time of the year. Cold weather, foggy mornings, warm blankets, cozy snuggles, and more. It’s what I love most about living in our mountain home.

This morning, I spent time re-arranging the furniture. Changing the lay of the land makes it feel like I’ve upgraded the house when I really haven’t done much. Compared to what this space looked like when we moved in a year ago, we really didn’t add by way of decor or furniture. It’s mostly the same old. Part of what I do with intentional living is keep the minimum amount of stuff, and use it to create fluid environments. Sparking creativity by moving things around rather than buying more STUFF is kind of my forte … and the means by which we are able to tackle my massive student debt.

Today, it was swapping the sectional to be an L-shape against the other side of the living. This opened up space for opening our balcony door to allow the Fall air inside the home. Yesterday, we acquired a neighbor’s cute dog bed, which was kindly gifted to Theo after their doodle outgrew it. It deserved a lovely corner space in our living room and inspired the mirror swap. The Drink Morning espresso machine remains within easy reach, in case coffee is of the essence as I read in my Menu Space lounge chairs. It is my favorite way to make the perfect cup of coffee stress-free. You can read my review of it here.

The couch is the Insta-famous Soderhamn from Ikea. We bought most of the sectional from Craigslist, then added the ottoman and an extra chair. Ikea furniture is cheap enough, but Craigslist saved us a few hundred bucks. We then remodeled the couch with Bemz covers from Germany. You can read about the project here. This couch, when coupled with Bemz, is so modular that it’s timeless! We’ve had this couch since our last space, along with the Ikea media console, and the Menu Space lounge chairs.

You can also see our bare white walls. I wrote about this choice way back when we lived in a live/work loft. My thoughts haven’t strayed much from it. Occasionally, I argue with myself about the possibility of hanging our best travel photos with Artifact Uprising’s beautiful frames. But the hassle of choosing favorite places has really kept this project at bay. Instead, I chose a shaggy rug from Nordic Knots that acts equally as a form of art. When I read how this Stockholm-based company collaborated with Danish artist Carsten Beck Nielsen, I just knew it was a piece I wanted to add.

“It’s fascinating to see how different an artwork is experienced when it’s on the floor rather than on the wall.”

Carsten Beck Nielsen

We also opted to go with the 65″ Frame TV so that we may throw up some artwork on there with the changing seasons. We are so happy to have chosen it. I have never been a TV person growing up, preferring paper and books over screens. However, if I am being honest, watching 30-45 minutes of TV with each other in the evenings is a really nice way to spend time with each other and unwind. It’s become part of our routine, and I can finally see the relaxing benefits of it. I also really love that it can act as artwork when people are over. I wrote a really thorough review of the Frame TV here, because I know it’s a big purchase decision. If you’ve been on the fence for a while, check out the pros and cons first!

Since our living room items never really change, I figure I’d type up a style post about the stuff I do keep. If you wish to shop our living room, here’s what we’ve got.

Shop Our Living Room

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