Our Favorite Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to share our favorite chicken noodle soup recipe, but here it is! My husband loves chicken noodle. I still remember our college days. We would head to Soup Plantation (RIP) for a date night when we wanted to ‘splurge’ on dinner, coupon in tow. I remember getting excited every time a “Buy One, Get One 50% OFF” voucher showed up on our door. We would clip it, saving it for a special weeknight pick-me-up. Soup Plantation is now long gone, and I lament the kids who will never experience lining up at the salad bar with promises of pizza, bread, brownies, and sundaes ahead. I feel even sorrier for my husband and I, having lost another ‘tradition’ with the passing of time.

Since then, we’ve adopted this chicken noodle soup recipe after our once-roommate made it. There are so many things to love about this. Beyond the nostalgia, there are plenty of fresh herbs that bring this soup to life. An extremely easy process puts it at the top of my list. And now with soup season upon us, I gander the recipe will be memorized come Spring.

I like to use left-over chicken breast from our easy chicken recipe. Chicken stock comes by way of Not-Quite-Chicken bouillon cubes and water. I like that we can alter the saltiness by adding more water. Premade chicken stock is fine and all, but we find the sodium a bit too much. Personally, I like to lay the herbs on thick, but Mike prefers to strictly follow the recipe. It really is a great staple in the kitchen. I hope you agree!

By the way, we’ve been loving our entire Caraway Home Cookware Set ($150 OFF!). I just cooked this chicken noodle in the dutch oven, with plenty of room to spare. The interior of these pots and pans are so easy to clean with a soft sponge. I wrote an entire review on this recently, which you can find here.