Simplifying Spices with Evermill’s Gorgeous and Affordable Spice Rack

For us, the kitchen marks the centerpiece of our home. It is where we spend the most time with friends, family, and each other. Whether it be experimenting with new recipes, making our daily coffee and toast, or gathering around the island for cocktails, the kitchen is where all the good stuff happens. Naturally, it is the room I care about most when it comes to aesthetics. I obsess about minute details and organizational systems. I am forever trying to keep the heart of our home neat, tidy, and inviting.

While there is merit to having a well-designed kitchen space, I stray away from having too much stuff on the counters. Consider it a minimalist tendency. However, I do make exceptions for a few favorite appliances. Most recently, a beautiful countertop spice rack from Evermill has taken center stage. It is my favorite new addition to our home. I am absolutely in love and here is why!

Evermill Promotes Simple Living

For many years, I have struggled with organizing our tower of spices. Unlike my mother, who managed cooking for our family with only a handful of spices, I have accumulated an overwhelming number of bottles in my quest to try new recipes. Opening the kitchen pantry door became stressful. Stray bottles would teeter totter, disappearing occasionally underneath the pile. I prayed for a simpler solution and reminisced about simpler times. I thought about the pros of cooking culturally traditional recipes and considered sticking to a few staple ingredients.

Luckily, my prayers were answered by the Evermill Countertop Spice Rack. This stunning showstopper simplified my spice buying process by stocking our kitchen with essentials diversified enough to cook a variety of culinary dishes. Spices such as Sumac and Coriander Seed are accompanied by the basic Bay Leaf and Cumin. More complex blends such as Harissa and Evermill blend (which is seriously so, so good with everything) round out the collection. The complex blends are perfect for stepping up my game for days that feel a bit blah. Just sprinkle over chicken and voila!

The Spice Rack is Gorgeous

The beautiful, sturdy rack can be placed on the countertop or mounted to the wall. There is also an alternative option for drawer storage, if counter-space is limited in your kitchen. For me, the display is pretty enough to break my cardinal ‘clear-counter-top’ rule. Exuding an Aesop aesthetic, the spice containers are a deep, amber color with decent weight. A knob at the bottom of the containers keep them directionally aligned. They will always face forward, despite returning them in a rush. Engineered with wide mouth openings, they are also quite easy to refill and easy to scoop using measuring spoons. Everything about the spice rack is drool-worthy. In fact, I placed it center stage, so that it’s the first thing you see when you walk into my kitchen!

Evermill is the Perfect Wedding Gift

The minute I received the Evermill spice rack, I grabbed my phone to text my brother’s girlfriend about it. ‘This is the first thing that needs to go on a wedding registry list!’ Packaged in a beautiful white box, the Evermill Countertop Spice Rack comes with 18 spices and containers (12 if you choose the smaller core collection), plus the rack itself. There are four colors to choose from: Gunmetal, Silver, White, and Black. We went with a black colored rack for our complete set of 18 spices, and let me tell you, it is SEXY.

If this product existed when I got married, it would have been at the top of my registry list. Now, I plan to gift this to all my friends. It’s the gift they don’t realize they need. Why? Because a newly wed couple would benefit from building a habit of cooking together. Personally, cooking meals is the one task that has made my husband and I closest. It is a way for us to discover new things, be creative, and work together. More importantly, it’s nice to reap the benefits of our hard work. I’d say it’s the perfect metaphor for a successful marriage.

Eco-Friendly Evermill

One of the best things about Evermill is its commitment to less waste. I cringe whenever I have to purchase a miniscule-sized spice from the grocery store, knowing I will throw away the container in a few months. It feels equally wasteful whether the spice is packaged in plastic or glass. However, with Evermill, all spices are packaged in paper bags. And the entire collection is refillable! In its original packaging, the spices were shipped in paper bags for freshness and I have to say, filling the jars was a true joy.

The Spice Rack Offers a Great Deal

When it comes down to numbers, Evermill offers a great deal on their spice rack. Originally priced at $229, The Debtist readers can purchase the spice rack for $199 using the $30 coupon code: WELCOME30 .

As a shopper at Whole Foods and Sprouts, I can definitely say that the collection pays for itself. Purchasing the spices individually comes out to about the same price as the Complete Counter Top Rack. The brand I usually buy is Simply Organic, and these days, whole cloves run for $12.99 and bay leaves sell for $8.49. At $199 for the complete Evermill set, each spice would cost $11 through Evermill. It isn’t far off, especially when you throw specialty spices such as Sumac and Harissa in there, which are typically difficult to find and more than $11.

Mind you, this calculation is without accounting for the rack or the containers. It’s almost as if you receive the beautiful set-up and the convenience of having everything in one package for free.

The real value, though, comes in the long-haul. To refill the complete collection, it only costs $119. That brings down the average price per spice to be around $6. Considering how these spices are organic, I would call that an extremely good deal. With current inflation rates, who knows what spice prices will be like in the markets a few months from now. If I could buy high-quality, organic spices at $6 a piece, I would be quite content.

Evermill has leveled up our cooking experience

We can’t discount the fact that the new spice rack makes me want to cook more. Experimenting with spices and adding them to our dishes is very enjoyable. Nowadays we sprinkle sumac liberally over our salads, rub the Evermill blend whole-heartedly onto our chicken, and toss coriander seeds like confetti in brine. Our cooking experience has leveled up since getting Evermill. Not to mention, it eliminated walking to and from the pantry to grab spices. We simply reach over next to the stove and put the spices back right away. It’s a game-changer.

Level up your cooking regimen today by investing in Evermill’s Complete Counter Top Rack. From a cooking fanatic, trust me when I say I will never go back!

This post was sponsored by Evermill, who kindly gifted our home the complete counter top rack in black. The thoughts and opinions are my own. The links are affiliate links which will help support this space through commissions. Thank you for supporting the companies that support this space.