Spring Refresh with White Cotton Sheets

Spring is my favorite season to spruce up the home. In this season, I embrace traditional Spring cleaning rituals, a decluttering frenzy, and a refresh of my home’s aesthetics. On the latter point, I set about renewing the home in minimal and simple ways. This entails throwing open the windows, putting flowers in a vase, and clearing the counter space. For a long time, I dreamed of doing more grand gestures to welcome Spring. Like changing couch throw pillows, hanging a different front door wreath, or buying seeds to plant. But that just wasn’t the frugalist and minimalist way. Somewhere in those dreams lay the hope of a Spring refresh in the form of white cotton sheets. Finally, Mildly Home has made that one dream come true, without comprising my values.

Mildly Home is a textile company producing goods that impact lives and well-being in positive ways. They create products that are made well and with intention, without breaking the bank. In essence, they want to make high quality goods affordable for everyone. They are priced much lower than competitor textile companies such as Parachute Home, Cuyana and Coyuchi. For example, Mildly Home is selling their duvet cover sets for under $100! It’s the perfect option for a refresh.

They have proven that a higher price point does not necessarily equate to a superior good. We have the reversible cotton duvet set on our bed right now and the cotton is as soft as a cloud! I am currently writing this post in bed, because it is just so comfortable! (I promise I am not making this up.)

Like I said before, I have dreamed of having hotel-white sheets, especially in the Spring and Summer seasons. It makes the space feel clean and calm. White sheets also have a timeless and classic look for me. I love the way they look when the bed is made. White cotton is simple, no-nonsense, and fully minimalist. It imbues that prairie-like humility and angelic innocence.

The reason I never bought white sheets was because bedding is typically so expensive. I could not rationalize buying sheets that could get ruined by dirty feet and spilled coffee. That’s what happens when you have expensive things. Interlaced within that price tag is anxiety. But thanks to Mildly, I don’t have to worry about that. I am so grateful to have been gifted the bedding of my dreams. Even if I had made the purchase, the lower price point is friendly to my psyche. As in, I can handle spilled coffee.

The duvet cover set was ready to use right out of the box. The fabric feels luxe and is not itchy or scratchy. It is what I would expect from a company that is OEKO-TEX certified. This makes Mildly Home a brand with one of the most influential eco-labels in the world.

In comparison the Parachute Home’s reversible brushed cotton duvet that our bed used to don, Mildly Home has achieved a more relaxed California look. The sheets appear like a linen set, but with the lightness and softness of cotton. Never you mind the wrinkle, as it adds to that popular laid-back look. The lightness of the fabric is welcomed especially during our desert summer heat, a heat that has already started to show itself during these Spring months. It is much cooler than it’s Parachute reversible duvet counter-part, and has a cozier feel too (less heavy).

The duvet set comes with the duvet cover and two pillowcase covers which are also reversible. The duvet cover has a zipper closure which I prefer over Parachute’s button closure. However, the pillows come with two wood button closures, which I find odd since they don’t match the duvet. On the bright side, the added detail does look better on the pillows. And on the website, you can also purchase a matching white fitted sheet for under $50.

Mildly Home’s mantra of “Think Less, Feel More” really summarizes the values of their company. Their desire is to create products that bring betterness to people’s everyday lives. They are making products that don’t cost too much of our hard-earned dollars, that are simple in design, and that really bring us joy. As I write this post, I think about the way this brand made me feel. This morning, I brought our coffees over to bed – a taboo especially when it comes to white sheets. Plus, we never eat or drink in our bedroom. And yet, my desire was to drink coffee in bed. In the afternoon, I jumped back in to read. And even now in the late afternoon, I am sitting here writing my thoughts with the cat by my side.

I tried to shoo him away in order to photograph the bed but he came back meowling. As I was turning the top sheet, the cat jumped up without a care in the world. As if to say, ‘This is equally mine as it is yours.’ He proceeded to do his own cat things, putting an end to the photo shoot, but he has a point. He should have equal enjoyment.

Honestly, when they reached out to partner, I immediately felt the rightness of the relationship. Perhaps it was their motto “Think Less, Feel More”. Certainly, Mildly Home is not one of those trendy, highly expensive, uber chic companies that you see on LA billboards. They don’t sell colors in stone hues or desert tones. But they are one of those companies creating high quality products under an OEKO TEX certification. Their products have sensibility and affordability. There’s a simplicity to the sheets – one that gives me a pang of nostalgia for childhood days. Perhaps because it has that same feel of well-loved sheets we used to make forts with.

It makes me want to curl in bed and take life slowly. To relish in the moments before rising, and to truly relax. I don’t feel worried about the possibility of ruining them. At the same time, I am not concerned with the way it looks. If we can save our dollars to buy what we need and still get the same amount of joy, why wouldn’t we? Perhaps we could use the money saved to work less, and live more. When it comes to partnerships, this was a no-brainer. As always, the opinions are my own.

Currently, Mildly Home is holding a sale with Free Shipping on their website. The duvet cover we own is the Reversible Cotton Duvet in Gray and White. Our duvet cover is a King size on a California King bed. The links are affiliate links and this space will earn a small commission shall you choose to try Mildly Home in your space. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this space.