How I Made $466.34 in January 2022 Blogging From Home

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In this post, I go through how I made $466.34 in extra income blogging from home. Admittedly, I am quite pleased with this year’s start. January was quite the busy month for me. I am just now catching up on sponsored posts, having gone away for a camping trip hosted by Texino. I somehow managed to stay on top of my workout goals, as well as watch over a few dogs. The healthcare industry is a wee bit stretched these days, so energy definitely ran low as I focused on my mental health over blog productivity.

That’s the great thing about blogs and why I continue to run one. Blogs are a source of passive income. It provides for others as it does for me. Blogs are a great side hustle because it does not require active work to make money (see all of my side hustles here). Eventually, blogs can run on their own. As long as it provides value for someone in the community, it is valid.

In January 2022, I earned $466.34 blogging from home. The main way I earn extra income is through affiliate marketing. Before I go into the nitty gritty details of this month’s Extra Income Report, which you are always welcome to skip to below, here is a little summary as to how I make money blogging, as well as a few recommended posts if you want to increase your income.

I started blogging right after graduating from dental school without ever thinking I’d earn money from it. At the time, I turned to this blog as a place to record my daily life. Ever since teenhood, I have kept some sort of journal or diary, which has evolved over time from paper to Xanga to Melodramatic, and now onto WordPress. For almost twenty years, I’ve processed information through writing, but never once did I think I would earn money from it.

It’s been three years since owning this site but I am happy to say that it is now getting a little bit of traction and has started to earn me a little income. If I wasn’t working as a dentist during the day, I could see how this could become a steady day job. Still, even with my day job, it had turned into a fun side-hustle for me. I decided to log my earnings for my own personal tracking but also to share publicly how much one can make blogging from home.

Now that remote work seems to be in the near future for many, I do think that blogging is a good option for people who wish to work from home. Likewise, it is an opportunity to be your own boss and have your own space. Since you are writing your own content, you have the flexibility to work whenever you want to, which I know can be a good or bad thing. Of course, you can always practice habits that will separate work from home. Lastly, this is a great hobby or job for creative people. You have autonomy over how to execute your ideas and thoughts, making this a very freeing experience for those who don’t quite fall neatly into a traditional work environment or big company hierarchy.

But first, how did I start to monetize the blog?

If you are new to blogging, you may not know that you can earn income from owning such a space. I certainly didn’t. But then I took this course called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketingand it changed my life.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is working with brands that you love in order to spread the word about their products and in return receiving commissions for any referred patrons. Sometimes these are physical products from almost any company you can think of. Other times, they are intellectual products such as courses or services that help improve other people’s lives. The best part is that you don’t have to “sell out” to do affiliate marketing. You don’t have to scheme or cheat people. For me, it’s really just promoting companies that I believe in. For example, the companies I choose to partner with are those that promote sustainably sourced products using fair trade and ethical factory conditions. I like to promote small name businesses trying to create social or environmental impact. I try to keep it to an exclusive few even though I’ve been approved for over 2,000 different companies (so far).

There are a few nuances to affiliate marketing and I didn’t know much about it prior to the course. But the course helped me to learn A LOT and it’s just another case of “you don’t know what you don’t know.” You could learn it all yourself, but it’s hard to without a guide to get you through the basics.

I highly recommend this course if you wish to monetize your blog but don’t know where to start.

Extra Income Report

Now, onto the numbers. In January 2022, I made $466.34 in extra income.

Of that, this is the breakdown:

  • $338 is from sponsored posts. I count the monetary value of products that I receive as “income”. I do not accept products for review without first learning about the company and product. As a minimalist, I also only look for products that we currently need. I am honest in all my product reviews and list both pros and cons because I want to be as helpful to the consumer and the company, both. Companies that have supported the blog this month include Misona, Sort Joy, Balmuda, and W&P.
  • $124 of the income is via a partially sponsored trip by Texino. I have wanted to try campervan living for a while now, and Texino helped make my dream a reality. Interested in alternative modes of frugal and simple living, I was impressed with the outfittings of Texino’s vans and could definitely see how fellow frugalists have made a living out of automotive vehicles.
  • The rest of the income was due to affiliate link commissions. These are links that I have posted throughout my blog prior which continually earn me commission for every successful sale.

So far, since March of 2020, I have earned $6,419.03!! 

I know it doesn’t seem like much, but as something I do for fun, I think it’s a nice little additional income. Over time, I hope to continue posting more income reports. Maybe it will help others looking for a side-hustle get a feel for whether blogging could become an alternative for them.

As always, my goal with this blog is to promote intentional living. Writing is a way to create a lifestyle that is in tune with what you want to do. Sure, it may not be the perfect job, but if working from home and having flexibility help allow you to live your dream life (one that includes traveling the world or becoming a stay-at-home parent), then I hope this space brings you that value.

If you are interested in starting a blog, I use WordPress. Feel free to sign up using my affiliate link.

If you already have a blog, I want to refer you to the course that helped me monetize mine. It’s a really great starting point. It’s called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

2 thoughts on “How I Made $466.34 in January 2022 Blogging From Home

  1. Great income report! I did want to offer a suggestion though. You mentioned you count the value of a product from a sponsored post as income. It seems like you worked with 5 brands this month on sponsored content, but earned less than $90 per sponsorship. And I’m assuming it was even less since you might have counted free product as “income.” I just wanted to let you know you can be charging so much more. There’s no need to ever accept free product as “payment” for your work. You can get free product and charge an absolute minimum of $200 per sponsored post to these brands. Your blog is established enough and while you don’t share your traffic numbers, I’m assuming you get at least a few thousand pageviews per month. Personally I’m always disappointed to see brands take advantage of bloggers and influencers by not paying them for their work, or by paying hardly anything. I’d encourage you to set higher rates for brand sponsorships because you deserve to get paid for the time and effort you put into creating content.

    1. Hi Chris! Thank you for the kind words and suggestion. I will definitely try to be better about implementing that. I have never felt I was established enough, as I only receive 3k viewers per month. But your words have been very helpful! TY

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