10 Cozy Fall Scented Candles

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I’m not the type to buy seasonal decor. There are many reasons why. I don’t like to store them, spend money on them, and swap them out every season. I know some look forward to these transitions, but as you can tell from this post, I’ve gone and missed most of autumn and am just now posting about cozy fall scented candles. However, in lieu of pumpkin throw pillows and orange wreaths, I do like to still pay tribute to the changing seasons. I just prefer to it by way of scented candles.

I like candles because they are consumable goods. They don’t add clutter to my home, yet they imbue the feeling that I need. They aren’t an eyesore and take up little real estate. Yet the smell of the best scented candles can make one feel fuzzy with emotion inside. Nostalgia rolls in as scents of pumpkin spice inspire me to bake something sweet.

My obsession with candles run year-round. Guests often comment on how nice the house smells, which brings me so much joy. To be honest, I would run candles all day if I could. I save the really nice ones for hosting or special events, but the good thing about candles is that there are many affordable options out there too. This list contains a mix of both splurge options and savings options. As the nights run longer, I’ll be bound to light them more frequently. There is nothing cozier than writing and reading by candle light.

10 Cozy Fall Scented Candles

  1. Jenni Kayne’s Musk Glass Candle *aff – notes of spicy cardamom, amber, sandalwood and orchid $65
  2. Public Goods Cedar and Suede – a soy candle option that doesn’t break the bank $8
  3. Le Labo’s Palo Santo 14 – energizing freshness without the overwhelming smoke – $82
  4. Hearth and Hand’s Harvest Spice – clove, vanilla, chestnut and amber
  5. Magnolia’s Gathering Candle – coffee, pumpkin, and nutmeg – pumpkin spice in candle form $28
  6. Noa’s Fall Festival Candle – toffee, apple, caramel and vanilla – all the sweet stuff $48
  7. Homesick’s Autumn Hayride – just like it sounds, the smell of hay, amber, clove, birch and oakmoss $38
  8. By Redo’s Safran Candle *aff – a complex 6-hour candle that smells of black pepper, saffron, dark amber and vanilla – among other notes $90
  9. Aesop’s Ptolemy Aromatique Candle *aff – woody and earthy, this candle gives off scents of cyper, cedar, and vetiver $110
  10. Brooklyn Candle’s Italian Escapist – cardamon, clove, orange blossom, vanilla and incense $38

Photo by Storiès on Unsplash

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