The Ultimate Luxury Bath Mat Is Diatomite

There is a new bath mat in town, and it is dynamite! I can barely keep the words in as I am swooning over this special bath mat that has, in all honesty, revolutionized my showers. The ultimate luxury bath mat that I am talking about is made of diatomite and is from Misona. It is not only perfect in its function, but also sleek to look at, inexpensive, eco-conscious, and good for our health. It is such a treasured piece in my bathroom. My days are seriously improved because of it. Everyone needs to try the diatomite bath mat at least once. As for me, never again will I search for another bath mat. This is the one.

What is Diatomite?

Diatomite is actually a soft, sedimentary rock. The material is known to be super efficient at absorbing water. Perfect for sopping, wet feet! I love that it is actually a piece of nature present in the bathroom. The mat brings a sense of je ne sais quois that is calming and grounding. Plus, it is made of a 100% naturally occurring material – diatomaceous earth!

Does the diatomite bath mat actually absorb water?

I have heard about this mystery earthstone for months before having the chance to try out Misona’s bath mat. To be honest, I had my doubts. But now I am converted forever, fully convinced that this is the way to go. As soon as I step onto the mat, I can feel my foot drying in an instant. A literal second is all it takes to be ready to step off the mat and onto the rest of my day.

The quick drying feature makes this mat ideal for kids, too! Little tiny feet that don’t know quite yet how to dry themselves can simply step onto the mat and be toweled off directly on there. Say goodbye to tiny tracks leading you around the home. Because the mat absorbs water instantly, it is actually non-slip as well. The stone is heavy enough not to shift around on the floor and thick enough to be sturdy. Therefore, it is also a great option for elderly folk who are worried about slipping!

The entire mat itself dries in one minute. It’s quite enjoyable to see the magic happening before my eyes. The water mark dissipates into the air, the wonders of nature at work. Traditional bath mats only semi-dry my feet. And as a person who loathes walking around with wet feet, bath mats have always been a love-hate relationship for me. Gone are those days. Getting out of the shower have never been a more enjoyable occurrence!

It’s a beautiful mat.

Coming from a minimalist, the mat is drop-dead gorgeous. Many interior designers fawn over color options (the earthstone mat has those too!), weave patterns, and tassly frills. I, however, am drooling over the sleek look of the diatomite bath mat. The rounded edges add a gentle quality to the cool, flat surface. The off-white color looks great with my marble bath tiles. As an experiment, I placed it in the guest bathroom where I have blue tile and it is just as beautiful. It exudes an understated luxurious feel despite it’s simplicity – one which only high-quality materials can. In other words, it steals the show AND speaks for itself.

The bath mat has a great price point.

This inexpensive bath mat is priced at 40 Euros, which equates to about $45. A price comparison with other name brands that I like put this mat at the lower eschelon. It makes me feel like I’ve hit a jackpot with this one, as the price point does not reflect the value this mat gives me. Just to give you an idea, Parachute makes very popular bath mats, which range from $44 to $99. Another eco-conscious, high-quality brand, Coyuchi, sells bath rugs up to $198. And my ever-favorite brand, The Citizenry, sells wooden bath mats and runners from $155 to $298. While I find all of these products to be beautifully made, the bottom line is that I still believe the Misona bath mat is the best one.

Diatomite is eco-conscious.

I already mentioned how the material is 100% naturally occurring. But there are other ways in which this mat is eco-friendly. The best part about a self-drying stone for a bath mat is that it reduces the amount of washing I have to do. Before Misona, I washed my previous bath rug once every two weeks. Even then, I felt like I was reaching it’s limit.

As I mentioned in this post about lowering the electricity bill, the dryer makes up 30% of an average household’s energy use. Trying to hang our bath mat didn’t work too well. After letting it air dry for a day and a half, it felt starchy and stiff as a board. I had no confidence it was clean, which is quite terrible as it is the first point of contact after a cleansing shower. The diatomite mat solves all of these problems.

Also, the mat arrives in minimal packaging. Tightly sealed in bubble wrap, the stone is otherwise packaged in cardboard only. Despite the slim packaging, it arrived to me in one piece! That says a lot as it ships from Europe. (As a side note, the mat did take a few days longer because of how far it was shipping. I still received it within two weeks, though.) The company is aware of, and addresses, the issue of the bubble wrap, but to be honest, when I received the mat at my doorstep, I immediately was shocked at how eco-consciously it was packed – considering.

Lastly, this mat is great for our health.

A quick drying mat ensures that no mildew grows. Sometimes, I wonder why anyone ever thought placing a rug would be the best solution to bathrooms. I just never understood it. The thought of bacteria and fungi thriving in a moist atmosphere such as a bathroom really gives me goosebumps. Bathrooms are supposed to be the place in which we cleanse. A safe-haven. Yet most bathrooms are breeding grounds for microbes. By eliminating the traditional bath rug, we could reduce that and improve our bathroom hygiene.

All of this to say that the ultimate luxury bath mat for me is Misona’s Diatomite Earthstone. I love it so much and I hope this mini FAQ and review helped. I would be happy to answer all the questions if you leave me a comment below. For those who wish to try it, here is TheDebtist discount code: 92B1E79A897 to receive 5% off!

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure to learn more. Misona gifted me the diatomite bath mat, but all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this space.