15 Best New Coffee Products at the Boston Specialty Coffee Expo 2022

Mike and I had the privilege of attending the 2022 Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston a few weekends ago. We booked flights the day we learned that volunteers gain entrance to the event for only $5. Mind you, tickets typically cost $395 per non-member. We of course flew for FREE using our Southwest Companion Pass (Find out how you can travel the world for FREE here). At the event, we got to check out innovative, up-and-coming brands and products in the coffee industry. Call it caffeine, but we were buzzing with excitement over some of the coffee gadgets we discovered. In this post, I share with you the top 15 best new coffee products from the 2022 Boston Specialty Coffee Expo that we are very excited about! If you are a coffee nerd, you’ve got to check these out.

Top 15 Best New Coffee Products from the Boston Specialty Coffee Expo 2022

At-Home Essentials

Drink Morning Espresso Machine

I not only got the opportunity to try the Drink Morning Machine, I also got to take it home! When I won a raffle with Eight Ounce Coffee, I chose the Drink Morning Machine over four other available prizes. Most of the available options actually made this list, but I still chose Drink Morning to lug back home on an airplane with me. That’s how much I like it!

This is a sleek and minimalist espresso machine that is easy to use for non-geeky coffee lovers. It also makes a mean ‘spro. It is a capsule coffee machine, so it is surprising that it can compete with other coffee makers short of the big guys.

For example, the La Marzocco Linea Mini still outperforms this machine, but you really have to know what your doing. An inexperienced person cannot pull a good shot from a Linea Mini and that’s the truth. Not even on their luckiest day. Drink Morning has bridged the gap and allows one to make great espresso without the background.

This is a great option for many people. Small offices and businesses who want to offer their workers great coffee should be getting this machine. Someone who loves coffee but wants to save money on their coffee bill can also invest in this affordable espresso machine. Busy folk and parents would also like it. I mean, even a young child can make a decent espresso for their parent using the Drink Morning app! It has been my go-to machine since getting it, and I highly recommend it.

I will surely be writing a more thorough review of this machine soon.

Flair Neo Espresso Maker

Another impressive espresso maker was Flair’s Neo Espresso Maker. It’s a manual espresso maker, that requires neither electricity nor pods. It is a great option for beginners. The machine controls the water flow, leaving all the hard work to the technology. Whether you use a high-end grinder or a cheaper one to grind your beans, it does not matter. It will still result in a good espresso shot.

DUOMO The Eight Distribution Tool

I guess we can talk about the DUOMO distribution tool next. This tool was at multiple booths. Every one was raving about it. The tool optimizes an espresso shot by distributing coffee grounds without a tamper. This tool prevents the coffee from being compacted into a dense mass. In fact, pins and needles on the tool work to create air pockets for water to flow through easily. At $225 a pop, I had to question efficiency. Interestingly, multiple sources confirmed that the shot comes together into one stream five seconds sooner than if the distribution tool was not used! Super sexy stuff right here. #Iykyk.

Ratio Six Coffee Maker

Imagine a drip coffee machine engineered to produce a cup with similar quality to a pour-over that a barista prepares for you, but without the work. Well, I introduce to you the Ratio Six. I first heard of Ratio back in 2021. The machine features a shower head that evenly disperses water over the coffee. This should distribute water in a similar way that a barista would in a cafe, pouring in a circular motion over a funnel, meanwhile maintaining ideal temps. Ratio Six has precision and simplicity, an invention of ‘convenience without compromise.’

Time More Black Mirror Nano Scale

Mikey fell in LOVE with Time More’s white nano scale. So much so that we went back to the Eight Ounce Coffee booth on the last day to see if we could buy their model off of them. Unfortunately, they couldn’t sell it to us because this product has not hit the market yet! But we’ve definitely got our eyes on it.

Time More has a larger scale already on the market, but this tinier counter-part is perfect for our small space and travel lifestyle. It is compatible with all Chemex sizes, and is cute and minimalist. We cannot wait until it goes live! If you’re looking for a scale option now, check out Time More’s larger scale. It is selling for an impressively frugal fee compared to other coffee scales.

Ikawa Coffee Roaster

The speech that Morgan gave during the final competition of the National Barista Championship really spoke to a new wave of coffee makers – the ones at home. As coffee moves from a commercial space into our home spaces, we will find that the most innovative ideas and experimental recipes may come from individuals, not coffee companies. As we connect with each other more through digital media, we will be able to share our ideas and grow exponentially, thus advancing coffee into a new generation made up of at home brewers and roasters.

When it comes to micro coffee roasters, Ikawa’s booth was one of the ones that stood out. I have seen Ikawa online before and was immediately attracted to its minimalist and sleek packaging.

Best for Travel

Time More 123 Go (Grind and Brew)

While we are talking about Time More, I should mention the Time More 123 Go. It is a grind-and-brew option for people on-the-go. Perfect for those who want to carry their coffee machine with them, wherever they are. It is an all-in-one solution. Equipped with the high-precision burrs found in Time More hand grinders, a precision, 13-hole water dripper and fine mesh cone filter, the 123 GO enables consistent, flavorful extraction in approximately three minutes. Just don’t leave your favorite coffee vessel behind.

Wacaco Nanopresso

Wacaco’s Nanopress has been around a while, but it was recently reinvented into a Picopress. A small, capsule, manual espresso maker, many trampers feature this nanopress in their travels. After comparing the previous model and the new version, I have decided I like the previous model more for a few reasons. The new version, called Picopress, is heavier by 14grams, which is a big faux pas for hikers and travelers. It also does not include a vessel, meaning you need to carry a second item to put your coffee in. This adds to the total weight of your pack or bag. Alternatively, the older Nanopress came with everything you need. After checking out both of these in person, I can appreciate the Nanopress for its utility, even if the Picopress arguably makes pro espresso.

Orphan Espresso Flatpack

I am going to finish off this travel series with what was possibly my favorite invention at the convention. It’s a pour-over funnel from Orphan Espresso. A married elderly couple invented this because the wife never travels without her coffee tech. They got tired of packing a heavy, awkward, funnel-shaped dripper whenever they went anywhere. So they invented the flatpack.

A flat, portable device no thicker than an Iphone, the flatpack folds into a funnel with two flow rates. Differently spaced ridges allow for both quick or slow coffee extraction. It is unbelievably light in weight, with the base made from carbon fiber. It comes packaged in a neat little pouch, which fits in my hiking pant pocket. Any multi-day hiker can appreciate this invention. I would have to say this was the top, best new coffee product I saw.

Gadgets and Tools

Melodrip Stainless

In the brewing competition, one of the contestants was using this water dispersing tool from Melodrip to make the judges their coffee. It was the first time I heard of it but another user of the tool swears by it. It’s supposed to minimize overextraction and amplify the clarity of the cup. I am very interested to try it for myself.

Origami Dripper

Not that I need another dripper option, but the Origami dripper is too pretty not to mention. A colorful, stackable dripper that has two base options (resin or wood), this multi-fluted cone has small and large options. The 20 flutes improve airflow, allowing for a faster brew. It is versatile, as it is compatible with flat filters, as well as conical or wave style filters. The dripper is made of minoware clay, a traditional technique from the Gifu region of Japan that only a few dozen artisans know. It is definitely a piece of functional art.

Pallo Coffee Tool

We don’t own a brush to clean our group head but this tool is so essential. All the national competitions were using this tool to clean their espresso machine’s group head after every contestant. I would highly recommend!

Supergood Counter Brush

This brush might seem frivolous, but how many times do you find coffee grounds scattered all over the counter? If you grind whole beans at all, this brush will keep the counter clean.

Kruve Propel Glasses

Elegant double-walled espresso cups that are as cute as a button.

Umeshiso Rainbow Little Spoon

I fell in LOVE with this rainbow spoon. Even though it seem superfluous to add this to the list, it is one of the best new coffee products that I am excited about. This spoon is perfect for mixing espressos from my Drink Morning Machine. I would love to see this with a Pink Not Neutral Vero Cortado cup.

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A majority of the products here can be found at Eight Ounce Coffee, a Canadian based specialty coffee equipment company that luckily ships to the US. We discovered their booth at the Expo and fell in love with what they were selling. A lot of our newly discovered favorites were from their booth. And they carry some of my already-favorite brands such as Kinto and Hario. They are going to be our new one-stop shop favorite for specialty coffee products and goods!