One Pot Beef Stroganoff

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All I’ve wanted to write about recently are recipes. Today I wanted to share with you a one-pot beef stroganoff recipe that I tried. You may have noticed by now my soft spot for nostalgic meals. Not always the healthiest of options, but foods that tug at my heartstrings. This beef stroganoff is cozy, simple, and easy. Top sirloin is my meat of choice. With beef, the quality shows in the taste and texture. I slice them thinly and buy my meat from Whole Foods. Generally, I err on the side of less since I am not a huge meat eater. Instead, I substitute more mushrooms. We serve stroganoff with egg noodles, which were left over from the chicken noodle soup recipe I posted a week ago.

To be honest, I have been greatly enjoying our new Caraway Home Cookware set and looking forward to cooking meals at home! Which is a great thing with this inflation in tow. Cooking at home has always saved us money, but I’ve never been more proud of it as I am now. Southern California prices for dining out are getting out of hand. Fast-food prices are bordering on $15 for our family of two. A mediocre meal would cost us about $30. Bagels run $5 or more. By making cooking enjoyable with this new cookware set, we are saving hundreds of dollars per week! I wrote a detailed and honest review of the cookware set here.

Anywho this beef stroganoff is delicious! It’s perfect for a lazy night in, when it’s freezing cold outside and my energy is drained. It only uses up one-pot, so the clean-up is simple. I prefer to use the Dutch Oven from Caraway Home.

For the curious, the dish is from East Fork Pottery. We’ve been fans of East Fork for years!