First Day of Spring: A Slew of Contrasts

Spring is here, despite the cloudy disposition of southern California today that makes it feel otherwise. Nonetheless, I am quite digging the warm 72 degree weather outside, that which stays pretty much constant year-round. As if on cue, the weather seems to be reflecting the exact conflictions that are tugging at my heart strings with the changing of the seasons. The longing for warmer days and longer nights, juxtaposed by the disbelief of the speed with which time seems to travel, and not all-together ready to let go of winter (which I have yet to experience in SoCal). Is it really time to put away down jackets and to start toting light raincoats? Are we rounding the corner and needing to make the transition from warm latte mugs to cold brews served in a glass? Will we soon be throwing aside those warm fluffy comforters in an effort to avoid sweating in bed at night? Despite living slowly, I can’t help but to think that time just wants to keep rushing us along.

So here’s to you, Spring, and all your contrast-y ways!

Spring Cleaning VS Making a Mess

  • An afternoon spent making everything smell like lemons, and sparkle like glass.
  • At the same time, making a mess of things and getting my hands (and kitchen) dirty with hobbies and things.

Cleaning the Fridge VS Stocking Up on Groceries

  • Clearing the fridge of old food, ready to be united with the trash, and then proceeding to glass clean every shelf and cranny.
  • Grocery shopping post-trip, because we’ve had enough take-out to last us a while, not that we’re complaining. It’s just time to be healthy (and self-sufficient) again.

De-cluttering the Closet, and Adding in a Thing or Two

  • Part of the main attraction for me during Spring season is the de-cluttering process that I continually feel the need to start again, especially on calendar days associated with all things anew. So I consider all things wintry that were not worn or loved, and set them aside for a better life with someone else more loving than I.
  • After resisting the urge to add anything to my closet for a year, I caved (today of all days, in the midst of thinking about de-cluttering no less!), and bought my first pair of sneakers in four years, and one article of clothing, a denim jumper. I’ve been wearing the same pair of sneakers to work, on errands and on trips, despite a nick in the heel that keeps ripping my socks and cutting through my skin. Alas, I think it was time. The denim jumper suit was solely for pleasure though, and took a while of convincing before I let myself have it. Per usual, both are Eileen Fisher. Confessions of an Eileen Fisher enthusiast here, to which I can 100% relate.

Going on Vacay VS Staying at Home

  • Parading around Mexico City in 80 degree weather was the perfect introduction to Spring.
  • On the other hand, curling up on the couch with a homemade latte, clinging to the last hope of winter granted equal happiness.


Is anyone else as reluctant and excited about this transition, all at once?

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