Self-Check COVID-19

Hi there! Checking in on the community today. Calling friends and family. Writing a reminder on the calendar to follow up on a few peeps I haven’t seen in some while. I’m bad with this kind of stuff. I don’t do it often, mirroring my wish to be left alone onto others. But it’s been tough. So, how are you doing? (Mirroring, again.)

Have the kids driven you crazy yet?
Is the home stifling your creativity?
Does the rain and gloomy weather wear you down?
Are you and your hubby still friends?
Can you even look each other in the eye?

Questions no one else is asking. 

I get it. I’ve felt similarly, too.

It’s time for a self-check. Despite a world that tells us otherwise, attending to basic needs is part of a productive checklist, albeit an invisible part. Every little thing that makes this grand thing a tiny bit better is worth its weight in gold.

Today, I list a few things that are keeping me afloat (and surprisingly sane).

  • Morning yoga stretches with Adriene.
  • Mindful mugs of coffee with breakfast. You can take a few notes from Gina Stovall here.
  • Avoiding the news of impending doom.
  • Farmer’s Market finds, and the resulting treats.
  • Frequently picking up books, putting them down, picking up others. Currently.
  • Revamping the home, de-cluttering, re-organizing, and when all else fails, playing pretend.
  • Organizing plans, scheduling posts and jotting schemes, scheduling self-checks, etc.
  • This blog and the words I’ve written. Thank you for being here.

How about thyself? What have you found helpful? Is there anything I can do for you? What would be comforting to see? What would you like to learn? How can we lighten the morbidity? Or at least forget, for a few…

Lastly, a bit of transparency. 

This blog has become not only a haven for my ideas and thoughts, but also, a small business that profits mostly from its partnerships with certain brands. A curation of goods and services are shared in this space, sometimes in the form of affiliate marketing, interviews, features, or reviews. Regardless, all brands that I work with are well-aligned with who I am as a person. I am proud to be in partnership with these brands, and I am proud of the space we have created, hand-in-hand.

As the state of global affairs progress, I am sad to say that many of these small businesses, myself included but more importantly, those of my brand partners, have suffered tremendous loss. In an effort to support as many of my friends as possible, I will be adding a number of banners and reviews here in the coming days. Some may result in a small commission, shall you choose to support these companies or make a purchase.

For those who are interested in helping out, the best ways to support involve spreading the word. Share pages that you find helpful with your friends and family. Share courses that you think can improve the world with people in need. Share the names of brands doing good to create global change. With each other’s support, we can survive this. Or at least, stay afloat.

There are bloggers who have been recently asking for donations to keep their sites going during this slump. Instead, I’d rather request for Hello’s in the comments below. Make suggestions. Ask questions. Get to know one another. Foster a community. That is enough for me.

Once again, it means so much to me to have you here.

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