Sort Joy In The Linens Drawer

It’s no secret that I love to sort things around my home. I’ve written tirelessly about organizing my space so as to keep sane and increase productivity. In some respects, it’s a way for me to feel like I have some control over this thing we call life. I know we can’t always control our environment, but these little organizational measures I take helps me cope when life gets difficult. It puts my mind at ease and calms me down. It is a form of self-care, as it prepares me to face the world with my best foot forward. Today, I’ll blather on about how we sort the linens drawer in the kitchen, in case it’s helpful to others, too.

The Way I Organize

I like bins and baskets. You can see that in some of my posts above. I like catch-all solutions to messes, frankly, because it is simple. In my opinion, tossing items into a cubby is a great out-of-sight, out-of-mind solution. It isn’t perfectly pretty, but it works. Organizing items by likeness (whether it be function or appearance) is quick and easy to do. This is why we sort our linens drawer in the kitchen into bins.

We don’t use paper towels. It’s part of our avoidance of created waste. Instead, we opt for linen napkins at meal times, and bar mops for clean up. We have about twelve of each type, and they sit folded in a kitchen drawer. Each one is separated into their own bin. Ours are gifted from Sort Joy, a company making earth-friendly organizational products. They are wonderful!

About Sort Joy

Sort Joy creates all sorts of machine-washable bins that are as versatile as they are functional. I own a set of 3 small flex bins. The felt bins have adjustable heights since they are foldable. Despite the soft nature of the felt, there is structure to these bins. They stand up on their own, making them easily displayed on a counter, shelf, or entryway table.

On laundry day, I simple pull out each bin from the drawer and bring them to the table where I am folding laundry. I stack the bar mops and linen napkins Marie-Kondo-style into the bins. This way, I can see throughout the week how many clean ones are left. It indicates to me how soon I need to do laundry. Folding items this way works well for me because I am a visual person and I need easy-to-see cues.

The material of these bins are so soft to the touch. And they are beautiful to look at. The two colors (a light stone color and a dark carbon gray color) are minimalist, yet warm. I love the way they look. I keep a petite version in our living room to hold all of Theo’s toys.

Sort Joy makes an effort to keep everything eco-friendly. These bins fold up nicely, which means more of them can be shipped within the same box. They arrived at my front door without any plastic packaging or paper labels. I simply had to unfold them from the box and could use them right away.

I got to try Sort Joy in this collaboration project. I was gifted the bins, but as always, the thoughts and opinion are my own. In Sort Joy, I find a sense of kindred spirit. Kindly, I thank you for supporting the companies that support this blog space. Sort Joy would like to extend 20% to all of TheDebtist readers who wish to practice minimalism and sort their precious items. Simply use code: THEDEBTIST to get 20% off.

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