The Secret to Success

Success stories aren’t a result of a singular trick. There is no fast-lane approach to success, no matter how hard we wish it were true. Sure, there are lucky strikes, but those are few and far-between. And for those who get lucky, most of the time their success dwindles away because they aren’t used to dealing with success anyway. Honestly, the secret to my successes in life centers around one thing: continued growth.

What does this mean?

Let’s do a bit of psychoanalysis.

I am naturally a cautious person. I am not risky, so I don’t think I am successful because I take risks. Also, I am an introvert. Therefore, I am not especially good at networking my way into things. I am a hard-worker, sure, but I value simple living. In conclusion, it can’t be because I work harder than most. The flip-side of my coin is that I rest harder than most, too.

But there is one thing I am, and that is naturally curious. I like to ask questions, especially ‘Why?’ I like to read books and learn new things. New experiences are like a drug to me. Every day I am trying my own social experiments. I also enjoy optimizing situations. ‘How can I make this better or more efficient?’ I am always trying to be 1% better. Lastly, I like to listen to others, and take in what they know as new knowledge. I like to read between the lines, and pick up on things that lies in the sub-conscious realm of a conversation. It’s fun to see things others cannot.

Because of all of this, I think my successes are due to continued growth. This is a result of a natural curiosity, rather than endless energy. There are many things I do to ensure that I continually grow. I listen to three podcasts a week. I read two books a month. And I take courses online.

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Out of curiosity, to what do YOU owe your success?

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