Dear College Kid, The Best Time to Face Student Debt is Now

Dear College Student,

Welcome to Fall Semester! For many of you, this will be the start of a long, educational journey. It is also the first day for you to take out student loans. EEK! Now I don’t want to freak you out on your first day, but I do want to say, “Don’t be like me.” Don’t look away and pretend like loans don’t exist. Please don’t assume it’ll all work itself out. The loans won’t just disappear at some point. One day, you’ll wake up and face them, and that day may as well be today. If you approach them head on at the start, you will be better financially prepared at graduation. You will be more mentally strong, more aligned with your values, and proud of your actions during college. Because the best time to face student debt is Now.

I am not saying action is required. It could very well be you choose a student loan forgiveness program to deal with the loans. I am 100% okay with that as much as I am 100% okay with paying them back aggressively. All I am asking is for you to look at them.

Make a plan.

Figure out who you are as a person. This podcast on money tendencies based on your Enneagram personality type was FIRE. I recommend it as it describes how money relates to you based on personality. Then figure out what you want in life, financially speaking. Is it money? A comfortable lifestyle? A grandiose house? It’s all dandy, as long as you are honest with yourself and know the truth.

If just the thought of student loans overwhelm you, I recommend you get help. I spent my first paycheck after graduation on a professional who specialized in student loans for dentists. Why? Because I was just as overwhelmed as some of you.

I want to introduce you to Andrew Paulson of Student Loan Advice! He charges $599 for new clients, which includes 12 months of email correspondence after the consultation. 12 months is plenty of time to situate yourself, get you on your feet, give you some options, as well as have the time to ask your questions.

Today I rounded up a few resources from my blog space to help you start thinking. My blog is free to all. So please share it with your fellow classmates. The more people have access to free resources, the more we can help others and turn this student loan crisis around.

Blog Posts for College Students with Student Debt

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