Play Pretend: Back-to-School

I cannot believe I am writing this post mid-August. Back in my day, school would resume after Labor Day. If you were lucky, a few extra weeks were granted and your return date would be late September. Then again, I can’t believe I am saying ‘Back in my day’. Times have changed, that’s for sure. So I thought it appropriate that this post also have a different focus for back-to-school.

This is a curated list of things to support college students going back-to-school. It doesn’t comprise of popularity inducing products. Rather, it is a mix of basic essentials that could carry a college student beyond school and could last a long time. This means less hard-earned dollars spent, and less student debt taken out over time. Included are items that would also be of use during stressful times, which there were plenty. Lastly, a few investment items that would overall reduce spending. I truly believe when we have goods that we absolutely love and adore, we don’t really go to the outside world searching for more.

In general, be minimalist, choose timeless pieces, and high-quality goods. Then keep them until they lose function. That is good advice to follow for life.

Back-to-School Essentials

  1. A coffee maker that can make fuel you for the entire day. (In September 2021, The Perfect Brew reports that women spend about $2,327 per year on their coffee habit, while men spend almost $400 less, at $1,934 per year. Save yourself money!)
  2. The only pen and paper you’ll ever need
  3. A smart sleep assistant that also gets you to class on time
  4. This kettle for coffee, tea, and instant cup of ramen noodles
  5. An Anti-Anxiety Therapy Notebook
  6. A reusable water bottle
  7. A toaster for one to reduce your electricity bill (avoid the oven if you can!)
  8. Noise-cancelling earbuds.
  9. One reliable pan to cook all your meals at home – you only need one!
  10. A laptop bag (Does anyone use text books anymore?)
  11. Reusable lunch containers

I wish every student luck on their first day back-to-school.

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