Why I Enjoyed Expecting in April

A lot of thought-jotting happening at this household as I wait for baby’s arrival. It’s been nice to have a few moments to reflect on this special time, which equally flew by AND lasted forever. These last few months have been busy either way and I haven’t had as much time to journal as I would like. Well, now’s the time. This morning, I was thinking about my pregnancy journey and was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed the timing of it. Although I was initially unhappy about our baby being due in April, I suddenly realized that there were a lot of benefits for me that made this first pregnancy easier. Here is why I unexpectedly enjoyed expecting in April.

  • We were able to enjoy our birthday months and summer before pregnancy. We found out we were pregnant in August, which meant we were able to celebrate both our June and July birthdays last summer. We went to a winery in Temecula for a friend’s wedding in June, and celebrated fourth of July with beers at a friend’s backyard. Essentially, we celebrated our own birthdays one final time before worrying about someone else’s.
  • We had a great ‘final’ summer outdoors! I had a lot of energy during my first trimester and enjoyed bike rides with my dad, going on hikes with friends, and going to the lagoon and pool with my husband. I also was still in fit shape, and did not feel self-conscious in bathing suits, slim dresses, and workout clothes. Luckily, I started to show in the winter months when bundling up was quite normal. I pretty much did not appear pregnant until my 8th month of pregnancy thanks to the clothes I was wearing.
  • Sharing the news with our family right before the holidays was awesome. We announced our pregnancy a bit late, on Thanksgiving Day. This was partly because we didn’t feel ready, but also partly because we wanted to ensure a healthy baby. By doing so, we ended up having a really great holiday season. Both sides of the family were ecstatic about the new addition, and it was a common topic and point of excitement during the holiday.
  • I had an excuse to eat a TON during holiday season. Honestly, I feasted like a queen. I loved that there were always reasons to gather and eat. While I lacked cravings, I was especially hungry and could eat a decent amount during this time. The holidays didn’t make me feel bad about that at all! I think I would have felt worse if it was swim season and I saw all my girlfriends lounging at the pool drinking cocktails.
  • Being pregnant during the winter meant I got to eat a lot of comfort foods and baked goods. I associate the cool weather with fattier dishes. Baking is so much more enjoyable in the winter and our household was never short on baked goods. I also love pizzas, stews, and soups. I loved that our friends invited us to ramen dates over happy hours. This post is apparently centered around the food I ate…
  • I avoided the heat wave months during the final stretch of my pregnancy. Third trimester is the most physically uncomfortable stage. You’ve got a bowling ball for a stomach that keeps you hungry while at the same time prevents you from over-eating without feeling miserable. My back hurts from carrying the weight in the middle, and my fingers are slightly numb from reduced circulation and hand swelling. Imagine if I had to suffer through a heat wave as well. I am more comfortable propped up in bed under blankets with a warm mug of tea in my hand and a book on my lap. Also, this allowed me to continue my dog-walking business to the very end!
  • Our parental leave covers some of the best summer months and holidays. Since our baby is due at the end of April, our maternity and paternity leaves will stretch to the end of July. Mike and I joke that this time will be just like undergrad, when we met 13 years ago. Summer days of sleeping all day and staying up all night, with no work or school responsibilities as we try to get to know another human being. During our leave, we will experience Memorial Day, my brother’s Graduation from dental school, both of our birthdays (again!), our first Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Fourth of July, and my sister’s birthday. We also will have great summer weather before the REALLY HOT days of August and September begin. Honestly, we are SO excited!

Now I know not everyone plans out their due dates. I certainly didn’t choose April 20. But if you are looking at a seasonal time frame, I would highly recommend April and May as target due months. Personally, I enjoyed it a lot!

Photo by pure julia on Unsplash