Shrimp Cajun Pasta in Tomato Cream Sauce

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It’s almost time to turn back the clocks! One of my favorite days of the year, I look forward to daylight savings end like I look forward to holidays. We’ve got plans to stay in, cozy up in bed. Recently, the weather has turned cold, and we’ve been making tea and reaching for wool socks. Plans include a pancake breakfast, setting up holiday lights, and watching movies on the rug. For this special day, I like to do less, and take it easy. In case you need a quick recipe to feed the fam without dirtying up more than one pot, I would recommend this easy shrimp Cajun pasta in tomato cream sauce. We just made it this week, and I am in LOVE.

In our rendition, I substituted the Cajun spice with Evermill’s Captain’s Blend. It’s a modern twist on a classic flavor, and is part of our Evermill Countertop Spice Rack Collection. Narrowing down my spices to a select few simplifies my cooking life. I used to meticulously follow recipes to the tee and bought spices for one-off recipes I wanted to try. I was wasting money on spices that I never used for anything else. Now I embrace substitutions. Evermill’s Countertop Spice Rack Collection is all I need. It’s beautiful, practical, and minimalist.

We also have switched to Caraway Home’s Cookware Set. I wrote an entire review here. It has been a joy cooking in these easy-to-clean, lovely-to-use cookware. The set is $150 OFF if you buy the entire set, which comes with a life-changing storage solution perfect for minimalist homes. It also comes with two trivets, and the color of your choice. I recommend it to all minimalist, tiny-home dwellers who love to cook.

I hope this recipe helps ease the load. Enjoy your long and lazy weekend!